Game Props

  • Giant battletoad zitz sculpture at games con.
  • Demarco sea of thieves sculpture at the e3 games expo in los angeles.
  • Chicken and hammer props on display in a games room.

Introduction to Game Props

We've created game props for a variety of gaming expos, events and product launches that have been showcased all over the world creating memorable and unique experiences for those that attended.

We love creating game props! We’ve created giant props of weapons and bespoke furniture pieces to large models and sculptures of game characters for those special photo opportunities at the event. Our game props have featured at popular gaming events such as ComicCon worldwide, E3 expo in Los Angeles and the Warhammer headquarters.

We’ve been creating game props for a number of years for clients such as Microsoft Rare, where we created various sculptures of characters for Battletoads and Sea of Thieves and Games Workshop commissioned us to create WarHammer game props as memorabilia which were showcased in their museum. Whatever your requirements, get in touch to talk about your next project. 

Whether your next game props designs are on a piece of paper or a 3-D render, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life. Our techniques often include: prop makingsculptingmoulding and casting with detailed spray painting and finishing. These methods of working are always appreciated because of its organic nature, which allows us to make alterations to your game props throughout the process. This makes it more cost effective as we are able to completely remove the need for expensive 3-D software.

Let us make your next game props to enhance your stand and bring in the crowds. Contact us today to discuss what you need for your next expo or trade show.

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The statues look absolutely amazing at the show. Our social media team have been getting loads of tweets and other bits of info on social media about how cool the Sea of Thieves booth at the show is and how awesome the statues look.

David Sanderberg – Head of Facilities Management Rare – Microsoft Studios

Game Props Latest Work

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Microsoft Rare Sea of Thieves – 2019

For the fifth year in a row we were asked by Microsoft Rare Studios to create two new characters, brother and sister Demarco and Lesedi sculptures, for their ever-popular game Sea of Thieves. Both were displayed at various expo's around the world.

Sea of Thieves – 2019

Microsoft Rare Sea of Thieves – 2017

Microsoft Rare wanted to introduce a new character, Belle, to their ever-popular game Sea of Thieves and they asked us to make her so they could take her around the world to various expo's.

Sea of Thieves – 2017

Microsoft Rare Battletoad Hover Bike Prop

This hover bike prop was created for Microsoft Rare so they could promote their game Battletoads at various gaming expo's all around the world. Here's Rash riding the finished prop.

Battletoad Hover Bike Prop

05creative Chicken & Thor Hammer

Chicken and Thor hammer prop with lighting effect were created for 05creative for their client Hi-Rez Studios. The props were to be shipped to Germany for a gaming convention to promote their online game, Smite.

Chicken & Thor Hammer

Microsoft Rare Retro Games Characters

We were asked by Microsoft Rare to create four of their retro game characters, Kazooie, Banjo, Conker the Squirrel, and Battletoad. They were going to be seen by a lot of gaming experts at the E3 gaming expo and be flown all around the world.

Retro Games Characters

Microsoft Rare Zitz Battletoad Sculpture

Microsoft Rare came to us to create a Zitz sculpture from their game Battletoads. This was one of three that we had to create to be taken all over the world.

Zitz Battletoad Sculpture

Games Workshop Warhammer Games

Games Workshop asked us to create some weapons and characters from their famous game Warhammer to display in their museum and head office in Nottinghamshire.

Warhammer Games