Fibreglass Props

  • Giant battletoad sculpture at gaming exo.
  • Giant peppa pig sculptures at theme park near ride.

Introduction to Fibreglass Props

Fibreglass is extremely durable and lightweight and is a suitable choice for most large scale props and small props.

We excel in the construction of fibreglass props. Our fibreglass props come highly rated because of the longevity of the material and because of their ease of storage. They are lightweight yet strong, as well as being highly versatile. Fibreglass props also lend themselves to mass production; we can mould from an initial sculpture or prop to make exact copies, and we can replicate any surface, meaning that we can make 20 foot high replica trees, or brick walls that look like the real thing but without the weight.

Fibreglass props are a popular choice when creating giant props due to their lightweight nature or creating several if not thousands of duplicates for retail display campaigns. We start with a clay or polystyrene carving, then mould and cast in fibreglass. Fibreglass can be coated over polystyrene once it’s protected with aluminium foil, or we use an epoxy resin which is less corrosive. We can work from your 2-D drawings or 3-D artwork, and if you have your own moulds we are able to cast fibreglass from these. The benefits of using fibreglass props are:

  • They can be brushed or sprayed to cover large areas and give an extremely hard-wearing surface,
  • Cast into moulds to make one offs or multiples of the same prop,
  • Strong yet lightweight not only making them easy to transport but ensuring public safety where needed,
  • They’re highly detailed

We’ve been creating fibreglass props for Microsoft Rare since 2015 which have been flown and seen around the world at various gaming epos. We have a long-standing relationship with Ralph Lauren which has seen our fibreglass props showcased in various retail stores all over Europe. Whether you have an upcoming promotional or marketing campaign, exhibition or event a fibreglass prop will meet the intended objective and desired experience.

Get in touch to see how we can help with your fibreglass props.

Slideshow items of client logos

  • Fibreglass uk logo.
  • Ralph lauren logo.
  • Rare logo.
  • Nickelodeon logo.

The Dora the Explorer table centres were really well received by everyone so thanks so much for all your hard work.

Andy Whiting – 
Senior Brand Manager – Nick Jr

Fibreglass Props Latest Work

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Niche Projects Sports Car Prop

We were asked to make a Lamborghini sports car coming through a brick wall. Our client had been let down at the last minute and asked if we could help with their retail display prop. 

Sports Car Prop

Marks and Spencer Giant Percy Pig

Marks and Spencer asked us if we could make a giant 4 metre high Percy Pig that could sit on the roof of their new store in Stevenage.

Giant Percy Pig

Bright Leaf Chocolate Balls

Brightleaf asked us to make 5 giant caramel balls with chocolate pouring over them for some window displays they were working on.

Chocolate Balls

Fibreglass UK Peppa Pig Sculptures

Our friends at Fibreglass UK asked us to make some giant props of some Peppa Pig characters. They would then take these masters and mould and cast fibreglass sculpts that would have animatronics inside to make their arms wave.

Peppa Pig Sculptures

Ralph Lauren Lollipop Display Props

Ralph Lauren asked us to make loads of 6 feet high lollipop retail display props for their spring 2017 window display campaign, as well as giant birdcages, numerous smaller birdcages, and other props of a nautical theme.

Lollipop Display Props

Jon Panayi Giant Banana & Cucumber

A client of ours, Jon Panayi, asked us to make a giant prop of a banana to be used as a permanent display in Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden. This marketing prop has been used for social media moments. 

Giant Banana & Cucumber

Spur Creative Spur Girl Sculptures

Meet Spur Girl. We wanted something with a bit more impact than an ordinary business card so we decided to create a marketing prop, a set of Spur Girl sculptures, our mascot to hand out to perspective clients.

Spur Girl Sculptures