Marks and Spencer Giant Percy Pig

  • A painted giant Percy Pig sculpture for Marks and Spencer.
  • Some of our prop makers with our giant Percy Pig sculpture.
  • Giant Percy Pig sculpture on top of Stevenage Marks and Spencer roof.

The brief

This was a very large giant prop to make and what made it tricky was that it had to be positioned on the roof of a new Marks and Spencer store. 

It was a privilege to work with the Spur team, from working on a brief to the finished product, was a very smooth process and clear communication throughout, the end product was simply fantastic and has created real impact in the local area! Thanks team Spur! 


Henry Allinson - Local Marketing Manager Foods Marketing - Marks and Spencer

Prop process images

  1. A 20:1 scaled maquette of Percy Pig for Marks and Spencer.
  2. Giant polystyrene Percy PIg sculpture for Marks and Spencer.
  3. Giant polystyrene Percy Pig prop for Marks and Spencer.
  4. Giant Percy Pig fibreglass sculpture for Marks and Spencer.
  5. A giant Percy Pig opened at the back to get access inside for metalwork.
  6. A painted giant Percy Pig sculpture for Marks and Spencer.
  7. Giant Percy Pig sculpture on top of Stevenage Marks and Spencer roof.
  8. Giant Percy Pig sculpture being loaded on to a flat bed lorry to be delivered to Marks and Spencer Stevenage store.
  9. A giant Percy Pig sculpture on the flat bed lorry ready to be delivered.
  10. A giant fibreglass sculpture of Percy Pig being crane lifted onto a Marks and Spencer roof.

The Process

Marks and Spencer asked us if we could make their iconic pig, Percy. They had an idea of what pose he would be in, positioned on top of the roof at their new store in Stevenage, but asked us to send some sketches of what we envisaged. We drew some sketches and made a maquette, which they liked, so we began the task of creating the giant prop Percy Pig sculpture. We made our maquette ten times smaller than the sculpture and so were able to use this to scale from. We sculpted the 4 metre high Percy Pig in polystyrene, using many blocks to achieve this (luckily, we're able to recycle polystyrene after it's been used to make anything like this) When he was finished and signed off by the customer, we laminated him with fibreglass. We then had to excavate the polystyrene and build a metal framework inside. Because he is so large and we wanted him to travel in one piece, we had to position two fixing points on top of his head so that he could be lifted by the crane onto the roof of the new M&S. We had to take one ear off so that he wouldn't be too high for his journey on the roads, and so we built an additional frame to take the ear once on site. 

Project Image

Percy pig giant sculpture waving down from the top of a stores roof with a member of our installation staff next to him.

The Result

We enjoyed making this giant retail display prop and glad that everything went well, especially the installation on top of Marks and Spencer's roof. This was a logistical challenge and we had to work alongside structural engineers and composite engineers to ensure that this giant promotional prop was built to exact specifications to ensure it was safe for the public, being high up on a roof and, at the same, look impressive and represent perfectly Marks and Spencer's iconic pig.