Our Services

Introduction to Our Services

We have a multi talented team of prop makers that means we can create just about any prop, model or sculpture you want. Our range of skills has enabled us to create our props that are out of this world. The services that you require will depend on the type of prop you’d like us to create. Check out some of our prop making services that we offer below.

Prop Making

Our prop makers possess years of experience and a diverse range of skills in the creation of high-quality props.

Prop Making


Our experienced sculptors work with a range of materials to create life like and highly detailed sculptures in both miniature or large scale formats.


Prop Design

Whether you need giant props, suspended props or lots of individual props, our experienced prop design team can turn your ideas into reality.

Prop Design


Polystyrene carving is ideal for the sculpting and manufacture of large-scale and giant props.

Polystyrene <br>Carving

Moulding &

Our expert team can work with various types of moulds depending on the project. We have the ability to replicate hundreds of the same props through this method.

Moulding & <br>Casting

Paint Spraying &

Our highly skilled finishers add the final touches to all our creations bringing them to life with no detail spared.

Paint Spraying & <br>Finishing

Theatrical Scenic

Our scenic artists achieve realistic looking paint finishes to any prop, sculpture or set when the real material is proving too expensive.

Theatrical Scenic <br>Painting

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is fairly inexpensive and produces beautifully finished objects. We utilise this method whenever we have to make repeats of simple shapes.

Vacuum Forming