• Spur girl sculpture made from clay.
  • Sculpted belle sea of thieves character.

Introduction to Sculpting

We love sculpting! Our experienced sculptors work with a range of materials to create life like and highly detailed sculptures in both miniature or large scale formats. We typically sculpt in clay, polystyrene, foam and wood. We work from either 2-D drawings or sketches to 3-D computerised artwork. We also offer prop design as one of our services should you need some help starting your project.

Our preferred method of sculpting is by hand, but we have the capability to sculpt using 3-D print or 5-axis CNC. Hand sculpting has been favoured by our clients due to it’s organic nature, meaning we can make alterations to your sculpture throughout the process so you don’t need to provide expensive 3-D artwork. Once the sculpture is complete, we can hard coat it with polyurethane or fibreglass. We can mould and cast your sculpture so we can create multiple versions should you need this.

Our sculpting work has included life size game props of characters for gaming expos around the world, giant fruit used for promotional props at a new market opening in London, sculptures of famous cartoon characters that made their appearance at The Cartoon Network show, sculptures of historical importance that have been showcased at museums such as The National Army Museum and various ongoing sculpting work for retail displays for brands and companies such as Ralph Lauren and Value Retail.

We work with designers, companies, agencies and individuals to create unique and memorable pieces that your customers and target audiences will enjoy. If you have a sculpting project in mind then we’d love to hear from you. Explore our work or get in touch.

Prop process images

  1. Giant flamingo sculpture being sculpted by a man.
  2. Demarco sea of thieves sculpture during the build process.
  3. Man sculpting a giant prop out of clay.