Giant Props

  • Percy pig giant sculpture waving down from the top of a stores roof with a member of our installation staff next to him.
  • A man holding a giant dart prop with william hill logo.
  • Giant polystyrene globe 24 feet in the air for Goodwood revival
  • Giant cereal box prop with giant chocolate pieces on it's side at theme park.

Introduction to Giant Props

We love helping our clients create giant props for creative campaigns that just make people stop what they’re doing for a moment.

Our experience has made us one of the go to workshops in creating attention grabbing giant props for a variety of events such as; theatre productions, art installations and promotional campaigns. Giant props create an immediate impact in any given setting.

Our giant props have been used to promote movies, to introduce a new brand or product, as point of sale prop, to raise buyer awareness in a retail setting, to promote a new ride at Alton Towers and as part of an art installation at Tate Modern. 

To carry out this type of prop making we typically carve in polystyrene due to its lightweight properties. To make the giant props durable we then coat them with polyurethane hard coat or fibreglass. If multiple and exact copies of the giant props are required we can mould and cast them for you. We design our giant props to be easily assembled, disassembled and easily transportable.

As with all giant props, the huge presence really gives a boost to your brand, product or promotion. Some of our past giant prop work has been seen at The Boat Show where we created a giant magic tap with free flowing water magically suspended in mid air, giant prop cartoon characters, giant trees, giant t-shirts, various giant retail display props for Ralph Lauren seasonal campaigns and a giant dart prop for William Hill World Darts Championship. Explore our work for more giant prop showcases.

Prop process images

  1. Giant Percy Pig sculpture on top of Stevenage Marks and Spencer roof.

Slideshow items of client logos

  • Rankin logo.
  • Ralph lauren logo.
  • William hill logo.
  • Alton towers logo.
  • Tate logo.

I needed a 2.4 metre giant banana prop making in a hurry, to add complexity, this wasn’t just a visual prop, members of the public would be posing with it as a photo op. Days later, the team were installing on site. Spur are my go to guys!

Jon Panayi – Production Manager – Freelance

Giant Props Latest Work

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Marks and Spencer Giant Percy Pig

Marks and Spencer asked us if we could make a giant 4 metre high Percy Pig that could sit on the roof of their new store in Stevenage.

Giant Percy Pig

Bright Leaf Chocolate Balls

Brightleaf asked us to make 5 giant caramel balls with chocolate pouring over them for some window displays they were working on.

Chocolate Balls

Fibreglass UK Peppa Pig Sculptures

Our friends at Fibreglass UK asked us to make some giant props of some Peppa Pig characters. They would then take these masters and mould and cast fibreglass sculpts that would have animatronics inside to make their arms wave.

Peppa Pig Sculptures

Ralph Lauren Lollipop Display Props

Ralph Lauren asked us to make loads of 6 feet high lollipop retail display props for their spring 2017 window display campaign, as well as giant birdcages, numerous smaller birdcages, and other props of a nautical theme.

Lollipop Display Props

Ralph Lauren Citroën Van Display Props

We were asked to make 15 retro Citroën van facades for Ralph Lauren to display in some of their select retail outlets across Europe. These unique retail display props were in stores all over Europe.

Citroën Van Display Props