Museum Artefacts, Props & Replicas

  • Replica factory workers goggles on cloth image of person waering goggles.
  • Three white war horse props on display at an exhibition.

Introduction to Museum Artefacts, Props & Replicas

We enjoy every project no matter how big or small as it allows us to utilise our skills to design and create exciting museum artefacts, props and replicas for our clients.

We get excited when we’re asked to design and create museum artefacts, props and replicas because we understand the importance these props can have on an experience by making visitors feel they have stepped back in time and get a full understanding of what it was like to live in days gone by.

Our past work of museum artefacts, props and replicas include: giant props of horses for The National Army Museum’s War Horse exhibition, we made various museum artefacts, props and replicas for the Imperial War Museum, game props of weapons and furniture for Games Workshop, replica wedding cake for Scotney Castle, a replica Christmas tree once on display for Queen Victoria for Leeds Castle, a giant fibreglass prop of a ball for the Tate Modern and even a full life size sea lion for Edinburgh Zoo to give you a flavour of our experience.

Whether you have full 3-D drawings or simply a sketch or concept, we will make it happen through the use of traditional and modern techniques: these include but not limited to: sculpting, moulding and casting, prop makingpaint spraying and finishing with a wide range of materials at our disposal.

We enjoy a challenge and we enjoy creating unique and memorable experiences through our museum artefacts, props and replicas and through our collaboration working with our clients.

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I was delighted to work alongside my good friends at Spur. Sticking to a tight budget we needed to be creative and resourceful to achieve a premium, cohesive presentation of props and replicas.  With the objective of telling personal wartime stories to engage workshop participants in learning about and exploring the topics surrounding WW2.

Lucy Beacham – Designer

Museum Artefacts, Props & Replicas Latest Work

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Imperial War Museum WW2 Loan Boxes

The Imperial War Museum North asked us to design and create six Loan Boxes as part of their offsite provision for schools, young people and communities.

WW2 Loan Boxes

National Army Museum War Horse Props

We were asked to make three life size war horses which would be painted white and have black and white clips of war horses in action during WWI.

War Horse Props

Games Workshop Warhammer Games

Games Workshop asked us to create some weapons and characters from their famous game Warhammer to display in their museum and head office in Nottinghamshire.

Warhammer Games