Games Workshop Warhammer Games

Warhammer Games

The brief

This was one we really loved working on: Games Workshop are world-famous and the manufacturer of miniature war games, including the famous Warhammer series, and it was the weapons of some of the characters from this that we were asked to produce for their head office and museum in Nottinghamshire.

What we loved about this project was the diversity of the work involved, from polystyrene sculpting to moulding and casting fibreglass to wood carving.

Spur Creative Team

Prop process images

  1. Axe details being sculpted from clay.
  2. The book of grudges prop in display case.
  3. Golden axe prop on wodden floor.
  4. Hammer being sculpted from clay with details.

The Process

We made the Warhammer itself, an Orc sword, Thor’s axe, the Book of Grudges and the Dwarf Kings Throne of Power. To make the throne we were sent an old wooden chair that they had in their head offices, and we sculpted directly into the wood to add the fine detail. We then sculpted and cast fibreglass back to the chair, and upholstered the seat, finally painting the whole throne.

The orc sword was sculpted in MDF and hard-coated. The finished sword was then painted and with lots of blood streaks for that added effect. The Warhammer and axe were sculpted in clay, moulded and cast in fibreglass and The Book of Grudges was made with paper and leather with cast pewter detail to give the look of an authentic old-world book.

Project Image

Games workshop head office with old detailed chair prop.

The Result

Our client was very happy with the result and our replicas and props are still being displayed, years later.