Prop Design

Imac computer in a dark room with prop design on screen.

Introduction to Prop Design

If you don’t have a sketch or a design then you’ve come to the right place. We offer prop design as part of our prop making process by creating 3-D artwork of your ideas. We use software such as Sketch-UP, AutoCAD and Photoshop to achieve this. We can provide you with scamps and mood boards to help create the atmosphere for an upcoming retail display campaign or illustrate how we intend to make that realistic museum artefact, prop or replica.

During the prop design process we will work closely with you to create or adapt an existing design so that the final prop not only stands out but is well crafted to fit the brief and budget. Prop design isn’t just a 3-D render of your ideas, it’s about knowing what materials will work best to fit the intended environment they will be displayed and used. Throughout the prop design process we will check in with you to make sure you are happy with the design before moving onto the next stage.

We’re proud of our prop design portfolio and the clients we have worked with and continue to work with. We’ve designed retail display props for clients such as Ralph Lauren on various seasonal campaigns and had the privilege to design a marketing prop of a Santa sleigh drone for Vodafone. We work closely with retailers and agencies not only to create individual props but to help design the overall setting where they will be seen. Whether you need giant props, suspended props up high or lots of individual tiny props, our experienced prop design team can help make it reality.

Prop process images

  1. Drawings of a prototype for the santa sleigh and drone.
  2. Santa sleight drone flying near a lighthouse.
  3. Ralph lauren window display with green citroen van retail prop on display with mannequins.
  4. Computer design of giant green van prop.