Paint Spraying & Finishing

  • Giant unicorn prop sculpture in spray shop painted pink.
  • Conker sculpture just after being in spray shop.
  • Gold Lamborghini prop driven through a brick wall.

Introduction to Paint Spraying & Finishing

We take great care to make sure your props are paint sprayed and finished to the highest of standards.

Paint spraying and finishing your props is the final process of prop making. We have a dedicated spray booth which allows us to paint spray your props before they are shipped out to you. Not only does this keep our paint finishers safe, it also keeps any dust off the finished props. We have had our props installed on cruise ships, used in retail displays worldwide, indoors and outdoors. We’ve created game props, sculptures and scenery for gaming conventions and giant props for trade shows and various promotional and marketing campaigns.

We utilise a range of paint spraying and finishing techniques that have been tried, tested and developed over many years. We prefer to paint your props and sculptures with water-based paints whenever we can, because of their low environmental impact. Our spray room is set up so that we can work with cellulose paints, which we use to achieve a truly high-end finish.

We can spray with: cellulose paint and cellulose lacquer, 2-part polyurethane paint and 2-part polyurethane lacquers, water-based acrylic paint, emulsion paint, water-based enamel paint and water-based varnishes.

Our pressurised cellulose paint spray system has a refrigerated dryer to eliminate any moisture which can adversely affect the finish of cellulose paints, and we use anti-blooming thinners to ensure our cellulose paints do not blush or bloom in the face of moisture and cold temperatures which makes your props perfect for outdoors.

Whether you need one or hundreds of props to be paint sprayed and finished, we make sure each one is as good as the last. Our team is used to working to tight deadlines and can’t wait to start on your next project.

Prop process images

  1. Mini birman sculpture being hand painted.
  2. Giant gold lips prop being finished in spray shop.
  3. Man and women  in spray shop adding finishing touches to large props.