Moulding & Casting

  • Giant sculpture of birdman moulded and casted.
  • Giant pimples battletoad being moulded.

Introduction to Moulding & Casting

Moulding and casting is a skill in itself and it is something we are very good at. Once we have sculpted your props, there is the option to mould and cast them. If we aren’t hard-coating your polystyrene sculpture, we will most likely mould it and cast it in fibreglass. We work with various types moulds depending on the project which include: silicone moulds, fibreglass moulds and plaster moulds.

We made silicone moulds of small macarons for a retail display campaign and large 8 feet high fibreglass moulds of Birdman sculptures as part of the movie promotion. We produced almost a thousand ice blocks for Braun shavers which were used as a marketing display prop in stores. The moulding and casting process usually features in almost every prop making project, whether it's for retail display propspromotional and marketing props or giant props.

Moulding and casting a sculpture gives the best finish. If you want hundreds of the same props we will utilise this process so that each and every one of your props is as perfect as the next, and it keeps the costs down.

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Prop process images

  1. Three war horse props in workshop painted white.
  2. Close up of egg being moulded.
  3. Magnum lion head sculture sanded and primed with man next to it.