Prop Making

  • Zitz the battletoad sculpture having his led wrist tested.
  • Sea of thieves belle sculpture in workshop after being completed.

Introduction to Prop Making

Prop making uses a wide range of both modern and traditional techniques in the creation of high-quality props and sculptures. We take pride in our track record of delivering projects from concept to final production. Our props are treated with the utmost respect and that includes every stage of their development from design through to painting the props in our purpose-built spray booth, to the logistics of shipping worldwide.

Our prop makers and carpenters possess years of experience and a diverse range of skills. Prop making and manufacturing is a calling, not just a job. Using our impressive skill-set, our experienced team of prop makers have created a wide range of props, sculptures and models for an impressive array of clients, and designed for a surprising array of applications.

Our prop making services have been used within retail displays, exhibitions and events, trade shows, theatre and film, gaming, promotional and marketing, museums and galleries, and many more industries that require props to showcase their goods or promote an upcoming product or raise awareness for a campaign. We have extensive knowledge working with all manner of materials, including polystyrene carving, clay sculpting, moulding and casting, woodworking, prop design, paint spraying and finishing, metalwork, vacuum forming and flocking. From soft props to giant props, our experience means that we can make anything and are limited only by your imagination.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you need a vacuum formed prop, we can do it, if it’s a one-off fibreglass prop or a metal sculpture, or a wooden stage set, we can do it.

Exhibition &
Event Props

Prop making for an immersive and memorable experience. We can create anything from individual models and sculptures to large roll-out props.

Exhibition & <br>Event Props

Film, TV &
Theatre Props

Prop making to add realism to any production. Bring characters to life or convey the time and place through props, sculpture and scenery.

Film, TV & <br>Theatre Props

Promotional &
Marketing Props

Prop making to help you remind your customers that your brand and products are here to stay in your next campaign.

Promotional & <br>Marketing Props

Retail Display

Unique bespoke retail display props to bring your next visual merchandising strategy to life.

Retail Display <br>Props

Game Props

Prop making includes: large scale props, sculptures and rides through to furniture and scenery.

Game Props

Giant Props

We use a range of prop making techniques to create giant props for a variety of events such as; theatre productions, art installations and promotional campaigns.

Giant Props

Fibreglass Props

Fibreglass props are extremely durable and lightweight and is a suitable choice for most props and sculptures.

Fibreglass Props