Promotional & Marketing Props

  • Giant yellow ball prop in window display.
  • Retro TV's on display above a receptionists desk.
  • Magnum animal head sculpture displayed up high in a busy street.
  • A gold Lamborghini crashing through a fake brick wall.

Introduction to Promotional & Marketing Props

Remind your customers that your brand and products are here to stay with custom promotional or marketing props to add something unique and memorable to your next campaign.

The sky is really the only limit in what we can create together. Our expert team of prop makers can create anything from giant props of animals and fruit to thousands of retail display props all different sizes and colours.

Our promotional and marketing props have been used in campaigns all over world. These have included: 8 feet high marketing props of games characters for a new game release in Lost Angeles for Microsoft Rare, Giant promotional props of Peppa Pig characters for a new ride opening at Alton Towers and flamingos at Dubai International airport for Dubai Duty Free to help promote their shop throughout the airport.

Every promotional or marketing campaign is different which is why we use a range of materials and techniques both traditional and modern. Our services include: prop design, prop making, sculpting, moulding and castingpaint spraying and finishing and vacuum forming.

Our promise is to turn your ideas into reality by creating your next promotional or marketing props to a high standard, on time and on budget.

Slideshow items of client logos

  • Caymen islands logo.
  • Alton towers logo.
  • Sotherbys logo.
  • William hill logo.

Thanks for getting the dart to us so quickly. Gary Anderson (The darts world champion) loved it so much that he took it home with him.

Tony Kenny – Head of Sponsorship PR – William Hill

Promotional & Marketing Props Latest Work

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Fibreglass UK Peppa Pig Sculptures

Our friends at Fibreglass UK asked us to make masters of some Peppa Pig characters. They would then take these masters and mould and cast fibreglass sculpts that would have animatronics inside to make their arms wave.

Peppa Pig Sculptures

Jon Panayi Giant Banana & Cucumber

A client of ours, Jon Panayi, asked us to make a giant banana to be used as a permanent display in Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden. It is used for social media moments and to act as a point of sale prop. 

Giant Banana & Cucumber

Spur Creative Spur Girl Sculptures

Meet Spur Girl. We wanted something with a bit more impact than an ordinary business card so we decided to create a set of Spur Girl sculptures, our mascot to hand out to perspective clients.

Spur Girl Sculptures