Microsoft Rare Sea of Thieves – 2017

Sea of Thieves – 2017

The brief

Microsoft Rare wanted to introduce a new character, Belle, to their ever-popular game Sea of Thieves and they asked us to make her so they could take her around the world to various expo's.

The statue looks absolutely amazing at the show. Our social media team have been getting loads of tweets about how cool the Sea of Thieves booth at the show is and how awesome the statues look.

David Sanderberg – Head of Facilities Management Rare – Microsoft Studios


Prop process images

  1. Sculpted belle sea of thieves character.
  2. Sea of thieves belle sculpture having details painted on in spray shop.
  3. Sea of thieves belle sculpture in workshop after being completed.
  4. Sea of thieves belle sculpture at the e3 games expo.

The Process

Given a series of 2-D drawings we had to visualise her in a 3-D form. She had to look ethereal and imposing and stand on top of a buoy covered in barnacles, as if she had just emerged, ghost-like from the sea.

We sculpted her in clay and made a silicone mould. From this, we cast the sculpt in fibreglass and painted her. Her eyes, the torch she is holding and the Sea of Thieves logo on the buoy, all had to light up so we included a rechargeable battery pack to power the LED’s that provided the light. The main section of the buoy was metal shaped and welded and the planks around the buoy were sculpted, then moulded and cast in fibreglass.

Project Images

  • Belle sculpture from sea of thieves on display at games con 2017.
  • Sea of thieves expo with a man being interviewed in front of a camera and a wall and barrel prop.

The Result

Belle appeared at the E3 Games Expo, then Microsoft Rare flew Belle to Gamescom in Germany. We also made the wooden wall with barrels and props, seen on the second slide, as a photo opportunity for fans of Sea of Thieves.