05creative Chicken & Thor Hammer

  • Chicken and hammer props on display in a games room.
  • Giant Thor hammer prop in a gaming room on display.

The brief

Our friends at Plunge Creations passed our details to 05 Creative who had a project that was right up our street and so we were very happy to get involved. They were working with Hi-Rez Studios, a game developer, who have an online game called Smite. They needed a chicken and a Thor hammer with lightning effect. Hi-Rez had 2-D images of their chicken character and Thor’s hammer and it was our job to realise these in their 3-D form. The props were to be shipped to Germany for a gaming convention to promote their online game, Smite.

What can I say, Spur Creative are amazing! They produced 2 large props for our client and they were superb – extremely high quality and a perfect representation of the in-game characters.

Sarah James – Director – 05creative

Prop process images

  1. Fibreglass cast of large chicken prop ready for painting.
  2. Giant chicken game prop in a room pre display.
  3. Giant thor hammer prop during the build process.
  4. Giant thor hammer prop close up on display in games room.

The Process

The chicken was straightforward; he had to be stood on top of a chest while holding a flag pole. We sculpted the chicken in clay, then made a mould and cast it in fibreglass. The chest was also sculpted in clay and moulded and cast, and the chicken was bolted on top of this. The flag pole was made with timber with a plastic composite and printed vinyl for the flag.

The hammer was a different matter altogether. In the past we have made props that need to light up so we were confident that this could be achieved easily enough, but we wanted the light to actually behave in a way that lightning would, so we programmed LED lights to flash sporadically, not yet knowing whether this would emulate lightning when inside the finished hammer. The parts of the hammer that needed to light up had to be cast in a thin, translucent material so that the light from the LED’s would show through and look convincing, but we knew that this would weaken the hammer making it difficult to get out of the mould, but because we’ve worked with moulds and casting for many years we were confident that it would work, and it did. The hammer was set in sculpted broken sections that we painted to match the flooring of the venue where it was to be displayed so that it looked as though it had been driven in to the floor breaking the surrounding area.

Project Image

Person holding giant thor hammer prop.

The Result

The props were placed in to their bespoke flight cases and shipped off to Germany. Our client loved them as did Hi-Rez Studios who sent the hammer to their USA office once the convention had come to an end so that it could be used in The States to promote the game there.