Retail Display Props

Our Retail Display Campaigns

Spur Creative has years of experience in the field of retail display, our work encompassing window displays and visual merchandising campaigns alike. We have worked alongside known and trusted brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Harrods and Stella McCartney. We have also done work with larger shop fitting and visual merchandising companies such as, Marks and Spencer, Next, Topman, Oasis and Jaeger.

We are proud of our broad client base, and of our well-earned reputation for excellence in our delivery of projects.

Our props are used in a variety of seasonal shop displays, window displays, promotional displays, as well as at the point of sale.

How We Design Your Retail Display

We are often asked to produce props or all season roll-outs and our retail display jobs will often require us to utilise our entire skill-set, including moulding, casting, sculpting and prop-making.

We have a proven track record of meeting and overcoming the logistical challenges posed by large-scale projects. As well as taking great care and attention to detail in the design and manufacture process, we take full accountability at every stage of our supply chain, whether its dealing with local couriers, or overseeing overseas deliveries.

Case Study: Ralph Lauren Retail Display 

We have a long standing relationship with Ralph Lauren and we get involved with all their European retail displays.  Some memorable displays include:

The 2014 Autumn scheme comprised of real silver birch logs, bird houses on silver birch stands and benches made from sweet chestnut, sourced locally to us from The National Trust’s Scotney Castle and larger logs and props made by us at the workshop. The whole scheme needed to look rustic and wintry, but, because it’s Ralph Lauren, it was also important we gave it that classy touch.

The 2016 Spring scheme saw us making hot air balloons in different sizes and different colours. We moulded and casted the balloons, painted them, then added self-adhesive vinyl stripes to give all the balloons a vintage feel; to further this classic look we designed, and constructed some nets that fit over the balloon and hung wicker baskets from the nets. For the purposes of this display, it was important that the balloons were sturdy yet lightweight as they had to be suspended from ceilings hung only from a self-adhesive eyelet.

In the 2017 Spring scheme we made metal and wooden bird cages of differing sizes. Some were suspended from the ceiling and some were free standing on top of different height stands. We also had to make a giant 2.5 metre high metal birdcage with a swing for a mannequin to sit on with merchandise.

As part of the season brief there was also a nautical theme and screens and plinths were made that had to look like a ship’s porthole, painted gloss white with a gold trim. The plinths had to light up from within to illuminate products and the screens. They were all over 2 metres high and had to be free standing with invisible shelving to display products on that could be viewed through the port holes.



Other notable retail and window display campaigns include:

  • Giant Gummi bears for the Harrods sweet department.
  • Giant Chia seed pouches for the Chia company.
  • Clear resin cast ice blocks for a forthcoming Braun shaver promotion.
  • Window schemes for Matches, Max Mara, Diane Von Furstenberg.