Niche Projects Sports Car Prop

  • A gold Lamborghini coming out of a fake brick wall.
  • A gold Lamborghini crashing through a fake brick wall.
  • The outside of a shop with a sports car crashing through a wall.

The brief

Our client, Niche Projects, had been let down at the last minute and we were asked to help them out. We didn't have much time until the retail display prop had to be in place at a new shop in Mayfair, London.

The talented team at Spur Creative are experts in turning a vision into reality.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with them on our recent project. Their unbelievable effort and energy exceeded our expectations, and the end result was amazing.  Spur Creative are efficient, precise, innovative and their attention to detail is exceptional. We truly appreciate what they accomplished in a short period of time. 

Richard Kopman - Design Director - Niche Projects Ltd

Prop process images

  1. The front half of a prop Lamborghini painted white.
  2. A white painted Lamborghini prop in a workshop.
  3. A fake brick wall prop with bricks flying in the air.
  4. A polystyrene and MDF brick wall with exploding bricks.

The Process

Time was against us, but we're used to working to tight deadlines. Before we began, our team of prop makers had to survey the newly built site and measure it accurately, locating the studs in the wall which would hold the wall and car in place. Once we had this information we could begin the work. The car parts were built around a metal frame and we fitted 3-D printed lights, callipers and brake discs. We vacuum formed the headlight covers and real wheels were fixed in place; everything had to fit exactly to replicate a real Lamborghini. Once we were satisfied that the car was an accurate replica, we had to paint it as the client wanted it paint sprayed  in metallic gold. Once it had been painted we lacquered it with a 2-pack polyurethane high gloss lacquer in our dedicated spray booth.

Whilst this was taking place we had the giant prop wall to make. The bricks were MDF and polystyrene and were individually fixed in place to replicate a brick wall with exploding bricks. These were sculpted in polystyrene, fixed to metal rods and hard-coated with resin. They were then textured and scenically painted.

Project Image

A gold Lamborghini crashing through a fake brick wall.

The Result

We managed to get everything ready and fitted on site in time and the client was very happy with the high quality finish.