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Our skill-set includes scenic painting, metal fabrication, sculpting and prop making (including giant props and fibreglass props). This has enabled us to gain a vast range of clients and for our props to operate in different sectors. These include retail display, gaming companies, marketing campaigns, film, television companies and theaters. Prop Making: The types of props we create
  • Modern Props
  • Retail Display Props
  • Movie Props
  • Soft Props
  • Giant Props
  • Prop Replicas
  • Fibreglass Props
  • Theatre Props
  • Game props
Our prop makers have created an extensive range of props. Prop making is an art, and, with a broad range of materials and a workshop with high-tech equipment and good old-fashioned craftsmanship, just about anything is possible. We not only make new props that are created from an idea, we also make replica props. We like to work closely with businesses’ that require our prop making specialties to ensure we create exactly what they imagined. The Spur Creative prop maker team love to challenge their skills, which means there are no limitations to the props you want us to create.

Our prop makers tremendous experience and attention to detail has enabled us to have strong and long lasting relationships with businesses such as Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, Sky and many more.

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About Us

Spur Creative are manufacturers of high-quality props, sculptures and structures for a diverse range of clients and sectors; examples include retail display, marketing campaigns, film & television companies and theatres.

The services we offer reflect our team’s experience with a wide range of materials, design processes and sculpting/construction techniques. Our skill-set includes scenic painting, metal fabrication, sculpting  and prop making (including giant props and fibreglass props).

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