Spur Girl

We wanted a mascot, something that would showcase our skills and be a beautiful piece to hand out to prospective clients, something with a bit more impact than a business card.

So we decided to sculpt Spur Girl. We wanted her to be cool and, because the MD is a fan of the Old Wild West, hence the name Spur (spurs on cowboy boots), she had to be a cowgirl.

In an age of 3-D printers and computerised artwork, we work alongside the technology but we are able to compete with it too. No need for 3-D artwork, we can design your props or work from your own designs, even if that’s a pencil sketch.

We pride ourselves in our sculpting techniques, from large scale giant props to small scale sculpts, which in themselves require a very particular skill set.

Once we had the basic human form, we moulded and cast a figure in resin as it makes it easier to add the finer detail rather than continuing working on the clay figure.

Just a few more finer details to add before the master mould is made so that we can cast more mini Spur Girl figures.

Eight cast resin Spur Girls ready for painting, and at only 30cm high, this also requires a very skilled hand.

Using an airbrush, the painting can be very detailed and the process begins. Because we are artists it seemed only right that Spur Girl had a paint gun rather than one with bullets and she obviously had to be wearing paint-spattered jeans.

Three Spur Girls posing for their final shot to be included in the YouTube video of how we made her. Take a look at the video below.