Aida Opera

The opera Aida was shown at The Royal Albert Hall and we were asked to make all the prop elements for on-stage. The stage was vast and the sizeable objects we sculpted were dwarfed but due to the amount of actors on stage they needed space to move around. Our props had to be walked on, jumped on and danced on so they had to be robust but also light enough that they could be moved during scene changes as they had to be carried by backstage crew. As there were only one of each prop and no multiples, we decided to sculpt in polystyrene and coat with fibreglass. Everything had to look as though they were the remains of a lost Egyptian civilisation, so we made broken down, aged columns at differing heights, giant feet, a giant sphinx head and a spa which had to hold water. Our props had to blend in with the stage, which was made by a scenery company and they had to be painted to match the existing scenically painted stage.