Prop Studios Flamingo Sculptures

Flamingo Sculptures

The brief

Our friends at Prop Studios asked us to make 3 flamingo sculptures for a Missguided scheme they were working on. They needed to look elegant and made to take the weight of a mannequin.

Prop process images

  1. Giant flamingo sculpture being sculpted by a man.
  2. Giant flamingo sculptures being paint sprayed in spray shop.
  3. Three giant pink flamingo sculptures in workshop after being sprayed.
  4. Giant flamingo sculture with mannequin on top in shop.

The Process

We began by sculpting a flamingo in clay, then moulded and cast the three in fibreglass. Because the legs were thin, we had to strengthen them by adding steel. There was always the risk that they would sway under the weight of the seated mannequin so we had to make sure that the metal was fitted in the exact position to minimise the risk. We sculpted the gold side vents in clay over the fibreglass cast flamingos and moulded and cast this, making sure that they were the exact shape to fit the body of the flamingo sculpture. The fibreglass props were then chromed in a rose gold colour and fixed in position once they had visited our spray booth for paint spraying and finishing.

Project Image

Giant flamingo prop in store with a dressed up mannequin on it's back.

The Result

The client loved the flamingo sculptures and we enjoyed making them. We think you'll agree that they look great!