Ralph Lauren Balloon Display Props

Balloon Display Props

The brief

For their spring 2016 retail display props, Ralph Lauren tasked us with designing and making hot air balloons, sourcing hundreds of wicker baskets and creating New York Subway signs.

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Natasha Furness – Ralph Lauren – Creative Co-ordinator, Brand Presentation

Prop process images

  1. Giant balloon display props being build with man drilling the base.
  2. Giant balloon display prop close up hanging with basket at the bottom.
  3. Giant balloon display prop in blue with multiple others in background packaged.
  4. Green giant balloon retail display props being hung on the ceiling in store.

The Process

We sculptedmoulded and cast over one hundred hot air balloon props in different sizes, which had to be extremely lightweight as they were to be suspended from only a self-adhesive eyelet fixed to the ceiling of the many stores. Once cast, they were painted, and self-adhesive vinyl stripes were applied. The design of the stripes had to be designed in a certain way to make sure they fitted perfectly, not an easy task when applying to a sphere. Each balloon display prop was attached to a wicker basket and netting to give them a vintage look.

Project Image

Ralph lauren window display with mannequins dressed in children clothing and balloon retail props.

The Result

The balloon props looked great and were lightweight enough to be suspended from the ceiling, yet sturdy enough to not get damaged once in transit to stores all over Europe.