Peppa Pig sculpts

A fibreglass manufacturer, who we have worked with on numerous occasions, asked us to make master sculptures of some Peppa Pig characters. This one is the early polystyrene sculpt of Daddy Pig.

Here is Queen Pig sculpted in polystyrene ready to have a waste plaster mould made.

This is George Pig.

And here is Peppa Pig.

Once the characters were sculpted, we added a slip clay over them and added the shim around the master before we made the plaster moulds of each character.

Once the slip clay has been added we add the plaster and hessian scrim.

This is Queen Pig cast in fibreglass and with a sprayed on high-build polyester resin, which, when sanded gives a really smooth finish.

Peppa Pig, cast in fibreglass and  freshly sprayed with resin prior to the final sanding process.

George Pig ready to be sanded. These characters were all sent to our client who then made production moulds so that they could replicate more of each of the characters.