Fibreglass Props

 We excel in the construction of fibreglass props. Fibreglass is extremely durable and lightweight and is a suitable choice for most large scale props and small props. Starting with a clay or polystyrene sculpture, we then mould and cast in fibreglass.
Our fibreglass props come highly rated because of the longevity of the material and because of their ease of storage. 

They are lightweight yet strong, as well as being highly versatile. Fibreglass props also lend themselves to mass production; we can mould from an initial sculpture or prop to make exact copies, and we can replicate any surface, meaning that we can make a 20 foot high replica trees,  or brick walls that look like the real thing but without the weight.

Fibreglass can be coated over polystyrene, if we protect it first with aluminium foil, or use an epoxy resin which is less corrosive. Fibreglass can also be brushed or sprayed to cover large areas and give an extremely hard wearing surface. It can be cast in to moulds to make one offs or multiples of the same prop, and is strong yet lightweight.

Our fibreglass props are popular with our customers, who appreciate our attention to detail and the lightweight nature of our props. We have made fibreglass sculpture props for Microsoft since 2015 and have a long-standing relationship with Ralph Lauren.

Examples of Fibreglass Our Work

We have cast over 50 flamingos in fibreglass, some 8 foot tall, to be placed around the terminal at Dubai International Airport; the biggest challenge here wasn’t the moulding and casting but making these things free stand without toppling and injuring the public. We have proudly created:

  • Microsoft games characters for E3 Games Expo held annually in Los Angeles.
  • Giant Birdman sculptures to promote the Oscar nominated movie Birdman.
  • Giant Krave piece used to promote a new ride at Alton Towers.
  • Three life size horses for The War Museum’s War Horse exhibition.
  • Permanently displayed life size weapons for Warhammer’s head office.
  • Giant Chia seed packet for The Chia Company’s product promotion.
  • 8 foot high ice cream cone used as a permanent display on the pier at Weston-super-Mare.
  • Construction of 50 flamingos in fibreglass for the Dubai International Airport.
  • 60 giant moths which were painted by artists and placed around UK cities to celebrate Amy Johnson’s 1930’s solo flight from UK to Australia in her Gipsy Moth aeroplane.
If you’d like to find out more about the props we have made and what we can do for you contact us today on 01892 890608.