Microsoft-Rare Battletoad Pimples

Microsoft-Rare Games asked us to make the 3 characters from their game Battletoads for them to take to GamesComs and expo’s around the world.

We started by sculpting the character, Pimple, in clay. He was over 6 feet tall and was wider so we had to make a really strong armature to build the clay on.

Once the client was happy with the sculpt we moulded him.

As this was a big mould there were lots of parts to it and we had to carefully label them before we put the back together again.

Pimples out of the mould, cast in fibreglass and being sanded to a smooth finish.

Because the sculptures are large and need to fit into flight cases, we had to make them to come apart in smaller sections.

The sculpture is cast with a metal armature which gives them extra strength and made it possible for us to easily add fixings for the small sections to go back together once out of the flight case.

All of our props and sculptures are created by experienced artisans; we sculpt, mould, cast, finish, paint and pack and deliver them all around the world. Our clients love that we are a one-stop-shop providing everything from the design stage to the logistics of delivering one or multiples of props.

Here is Pimples at the German GamesCom 2019.

Before After