You won’t be surprised to learn that we jumped at the chance to create a giant cereal box, complete with giant cereal pieces and chocolate chunks.

Don’t worry, it’s not quite as odd as it sounds. We were asked to make this giant cereal box creation as a promotion for a new ride at Alton Towers, sponsored by Kellog’s Krave cereal. So we made it, delivered it and installed it to the theme park – making sure it looked good enough to eat.

What we had to do

We needed to recreate the Kellogg’s Krave packaging exactly, as well as make oversized cereal and chocolate pieces that matched the texture of the real things – but that wasn’t our biggest challenge.

The real challenge was the complex metal work needed for the main cylindrical base that each of these giant props was going to be displayed on. Not only did it have to be structurally sound, but it also had to come apart for the ease of transportation, and then easily fit back together again.

How we did it

To make sure everything looked and worked in the way that we envisaged, we had to work to exact CAD drawings for the base.

In the end – thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication – the complicated base of a 4 metre diameter could come apart and fit back together again seamlessly on site, and it looked great when it was all assembled!