Imperial War Museum WW2 Loan Boxes

The Imperial War Museum North asked us to design and create 6 Loan Boxes as part of their offsite provision for schools, young people and communities.


Full of replica WW2 paraphernalia, the aim of the boxes was to give an overview of areas of life that were impacted by the Second World War.

We made some replica factory workers goggles. these were hand sculpted, moulded andf cast in resin and painted to look authentic.

Here is a child’s toy, a tin and a hand-stitched embroidered postcard which would have been sent as a love token. The teddy is made from old blankets by wounded soldiers in hospital.

Thisn is a replica of army issue ration biscuits that the soldiers used to fashion into keepsakes, here placed in a vintage tin.

The Derby scheme was set up in WW1 and was designed to see if recruits could be met by volunteers only, or if conscription was necessary. These cards would have been sent out to millions of young men.

We made some replica WW1 kit bags with the Imperial War Museum branding.

This is a replica mashed potato pudding. We made this by piping mashed potato into a bowl, then taking it out and moulding and casting 6 in a 2-part foam.

A set of display drawers filled with postcards and public inmformation leaflets.

The 6 Loan Boxes made to look like old trunks, these were used by The Imperial War Museum to keep all the props we made when showing to schools and young people.

A collection of old photographs that the soldiers of WW1 would have as keepsakes to remind them of home.

A display cabinet showing some of the replica props we made and sourced.