Value Retail Giant Gold Stilletos

Giant Gold Stilletos

The brief

Value Retail came to use as they needed some large gold stilettos to display around their European stores.

OMG THEY ARE GOOOORGEOUSSSS…This is soooo cool, love them…and well done!

Gilbert Menassa – Deputy Director Retail Merchandising - Value Retail PLC

Prop process images

  1. Stiletto shoe being moulded.
  2. giant stiletto shoe after it has ben stray painted gold.
  3. Giant gold stiletto prop in in shopping village with person walking past.
  4. Retail display prop of gold stiletto shies outside of shop.

The Process

We took an actual shoe and made a silicone mould. From this, we cast in fibreglass and painted it with an exterior grade cellulose paint. Each shoe had to be finished to a high standard, which we achieved by making a very precise mould and by hours of sanding.

Project Image

Retail display prop of gold stiletto showcase outside of shop.

The Result

The final finish was a gloss lacquer which gave real depth to the colour and gave them that high-end look.