Channel 4 Stone Henge Props

Stone Henge Props

The brief

To advertise upcoming Channel 4 programmes, they put on promotional adverts to showcase what's coming up and, as part of a late 2021 promo they asked us to make two 10 feet tall stone henge props

I have worked with Spur Creative on a number of projects and they have always been easy to deal with. Deadlines have always been met and they approach every project with an enthusiasm that is reflected in the quality of their work. I would definitely recommend them.

Simon Davis Channel 4

Prop process images

  1. 2 sculptors sculpting stone henge stones out of polystyrene.
  2. Polystyrene stone henge props.
  3. Painted polystyrene stone henge props.
  4. Forklifting a polystyrene stone henge prop into a van.

The Process

We sculpted the two stones in polystyrene and added a texture coat finish which is our own recipe and is used whenever a prop is needed for a photo shoot or promo and isn't needed for a long term display as this reduces cost and we are also able to recycle easily after the event. Once we'd applied the coat and it was dry enough we scenically painted them to make them look like the real thing as they would be in shot with some images of the real stone henge and needed to look as convincing as possible.


We have our own recipe for this which we use on any organic looking props .The texture hardens almost as hard as a polyurea or fibreglass hard coat but 

Project Image

Kevin McCloud standing next to a polystyrene stone henge prop.

The Result

We enjoyed this one and our client was happy with the end result.