The Drone Company Santa Sleigh & Drone

Santa Sleigh & Drone

The brief

We were asked by The Drone Company to make a sleigh that could be fixed to one of their drones for Vodafone to control the first UK drone drop, remote gift delivery, entirely over their 4G mobile network. The sleigh had to be less than 10 kilos, and include a box that could hold gifts.

We gave Spur a very last minute and difficult brief which they executed very well for a customized drone sleigh. Very technical in terms of getting all the measurements, weights and sizing correct.

Michael Thompson - Director - The Drone Company

Prop process images

  1. Drawings of a prototype for the santa sleigh and drone.
  2. Santa sleight and drone in flight with a man holding looking up.
  3. Santa sleigh and drone flying from left to right.
  4. Santa sleigh done prop flying near a lighhouse.

The Process

We knew that this would be a challenge, so we provided the client with drawings of a prototype that helped us work out how to make it work. After a few tweaks and design input from the end client, we began by sculpting the main shape in polystyrene.

We had to make sure that the weight didn’t go over 10 kilos, and also making sure that our sleigh fit snugly into the drone. We were aware of the weight issue, especially once we had fitted everything to it, and especially with a box underneath, which had to be waterproof and have a hinged door.

The sleigh had to be hard-coated with a thin fibreglass tissue to protect it and also give a nice smooth finish. Once the hard-coating was made the sleigh durable and weatherproof and gave it a nice smooth finish, but more importantly, kept the weight down.

Project Images

  • Santa sleigh drone prop landed and man taking out presents.
  • Close up of the santa sleigh and drone looking inside the present at the gifts.

The Result

Success! The drone and sleigh working in perfect harmony. On the day of the first flight the sleigh was painted with Vodafone’s red colour with printed vinyl and LED lights to give it a Christmassy feel.