Ralph Lauren Lollipop Display Props

Lollipop Display Props

The brief

Ralph Lauren asked us to make loads of 6 feet high lollipop display props for their spring 2017 window display campaign, as well as giant birdcages, numerous smaller birdcages, and other props of a nautical theme.

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James Newman – Ralph Lauren – Graphic Designer, Creative Services Team

Prop process images

  1. Six giant lollipop display props moulded and casted ready to be primed.
  2. Giant lollipop props all lined up.
  3. Close up of giant lollipop in spray shop after it has been painted.
  4. Giant lollipop display prop in window with dressed up mannequins.

The Process

We began by sculpting a lollipop in polystyrene, then moulded and cast in fibreglass. In the cast, we added a length of plastic tube for the lolly sticks. We then hand-painted the swirl effect on all the lollipops and finished with a high gloss lacquer to give that real lollipop look.

Project Image

Ralph lauren window display with mannequin and giant lollipop display props.

The Result

The client loved the lollipop display props and we had fun making them and seeing them take over the workshop.