Ralph Lauren Citroën Van Display Props

Citroën Van Display Props

The brief

We were asked to make 15 retro Citroën van facades for Ralph Lauren to display in some of their select retail outlets across Europe. Due to the store windows being different dimensions, we had to make the vans modular so that they could be built at different lengths but still have an open side to display products.

Spur Creative are a delight to work with.  Props produced are always met with such attention to detail and finesse and their expertise and knowledge is always trusted and injected into projects.

Natasha Furness – Ralph Lauren – Creative Co-ordinator, Brand Presentation

Prop process images

  1. Citroen van display prop assembled and made out of wood.
  2. Giant van display prop primed in the spray shop.
  3. Close up of citrien van prop wheels.
  4. Front end of citroen van prop with tyre and lights attached.
  5. Ralph lauren van retail prop looking at the front to back.
  6. Citroen van prop assembled together with front and side section.

The Process

Each Citroën van display prop, utilised carpentry, polystyrene sculpting, moulding and casting in fibreglass, vacuum-forming plastic, buying real Citroën parts, paint spraying and vinyl application. They all had to fit different sized windows and had to be lightweight, able to be flat-packed and made in such a way that visual display staff could build them easily on-site with nothing but a spanner, which we supplied to each destination. A tall order, and they had to be no deeper than approx. 400mm but look as 3-D as possible.

We had to ship all over Europe so everything had to fit onto pallets. The wheels may look real but we made a mould from a real wheel and made these lighter versions.

We made the modular sides so that they came apart. We’re able to make our retail display props come apart for ease of transport, and they’re made in a way that’s really easy to put back together when in store. To make these look as authentic as possible, we used real lights and mirrors, bought from a specialist Citroën supplier. We hand stitched the awning in the Ralph Lauren chosen green and white.

The front section of the van was bolted to the next section in situ. The side panels were made using our vacuum forming machine and fixed into position.

Project Image

Ralph lauren window display with green citroen van retail prop on display with mannequins.

The Result

Here is the Citroën van all put together in all its glory. The van display prop here in the window at Villefontaine Retail Village in France. Ralph Lauren work ahead of time, we started making these, along with a host of other props for Men's Wear and Children's Wear outlets, in November 2017 and in between Christmas and New Year, and a few very late nights as well, but as usual, we had everything made and wrapped and shipped for the deadline. Then it was on to the next season.