Fibreglass UK Peppa Pig Sculptures

  • Giant peppa pig sculptures at theme park near ride.
  • Giant peppa pig sculptures at theme park on an island in the middle of a water ride.

The brief

Our friends at Fibreglass UK asked us to make masters of some Peppa Pig characters. They would then take these masters and mould and cast fibreglass sculpts that would have animatronics inside to make their arms wave.

Prop process images

  1. Giant george pig sculpture carved from polystyrene.
  2. The queen from peppa pig being sculpted.
  3. Giant peppa pig sculptures cast in fibreglass.
  4. Giant peppa pig sculptures spray painted and ready to go into theme park.

The Process

We sculpted the characters; Peppa Pig, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, George Pig and The Queen, in polystyrene. From these, as we only needed one cast from each, we made plaster waste moulds. We sanded the plaster moulds to make the surface as smooth as possible and then cast in fibreglass. Once out of the moulds we sprayed with a polyester resin and sanded to a smooth finish.

Project Images

  • Peppa pig family sculptures having a picnic on an island in the middle of a water ride at theme park.
  • Giant peppa pig and queen sculptures on a castle at theme park.

The Result

We enjoyed making these and the client loved them, in fact they were so impressed with the finishes that they have since recommended us for numerous projects that they don’t have the time to look at.