Polar Black Events Christmas Decoration Props

Christmas Decoration Props

The brief

We were asked to make 100 each of the cork and wax seal Christmas decoration props which were to be hung from the Christmas tree at Somerset House. 

Spur Creative were super helpful from start to finish, working with a specific brief and tight timelines. The branded decorations give just the effect we were looking for!

Anna Richardson Senior Events Manager - Polar Black Events

Prop process images

  1. 3-D rendered drawing of Moet & Chandon christmas decoration props
  2. close up of a Moet & Chandon wax seal Christmas decoration prop
  3. Painted Moet & Chandon cork christmas decorations painted gold
  4. Resin cast Moet & Chandon props painted red in the spray room

The Process

We 3-D printed the masters so that we could make silicone moulds of each and cast them in a fire retardant fast cast resin. We had very little time, which is usual in the prop making industry, and we had to keep the weight of each prop at less than 80 grammes for health and safety reasons. Once we had cast all 200 of the decorations we had to sand them and paint them with Moet & Chandon's specific red and gold colours. Our client asked us to make holes in the decorations and thread cable ties for them to safely hang from the tree.

Project Image

Prop christmas decorations on a christmas tree at Somerset House

The Result

The client was happy with the result and we were happy that we managed to make the props at the correct weight and delivered on time as usual.