Stagecraft Visual Giant Tanqueray gin bottle

Giant Tanqueray gin bottle

The brief

This 3 metre high Tanqueray bottle needed to be totally weatherproof as it was to spend all year on deck of the Tattershall Castle boat on the River Thames.

Once again we are delighted with the product and the first class service from Spur Creative

Chris Hobbs-Rex – Director, Stagecraft Visual Communications Ltd

Prop process images

  1. Giant polystyrene Tanqueray bottle prop
  2. Top section of a giant Tanqueray bottle with clay detail.
  3. A giant fibreglass cast Tanqueray bottle prop
  4. A giant fibreglass Tanqueray gin bottle being painted.
  5. Fixing a 3-D printed wax seal to a giant fibreglass gin bottle prop.
  6. A giant fibreglass prop of a painted Tanqueray gin bottle with printed vinyl artwork.

The Process

We sculpted the giant 3 metre high Tanqueray gin bottle prop in polystyrene and then added detail around the neck of the bottle with sculpted clay. After this, we tin foiled the bottle and sealed the clay and made a mould. We cast in fibreglass and painted the bottle, then sprayed with a gloss polyurethane 2-pack lacquer to give the finished bottle a glass look, and to weatherproof and protect tyhe colour from UV rays. We needed to make a wax seal so we 3-D printed this, painted it and fixed it to the finished bottle. Once all of this was complete we applied printed vinyl labels. 

Project Image

A giant fibreglass Tanqueray gin bottle prop on the River Thames.

The Result

As we have worked with our client before, they knew what to expect and were delighted with the results.