Goodwood Racing Company Giant Snoopy and his house

Giant Snoopy and his house

The brief

We took a call from Goodwood, who wanted a giant Snoopy prop lying on his house. With only a few weeks until their Goodwoof event, they didn't think it would be possible, but we like to accommodate, especially for something as fun as this, so we said no problem to making this giant event prop.

Spur Creative designed and created a 4.5m high Kennel for our inaugural Goodwoof dog event at Goodwood.  They were incredibly professional and highly organised throughout - working to a very tight deadline.  They dealt directly with the Snoopy brand team who require very strict adherence to their brand guidelines, which Spur Creative absolutely delivered on. The final Snoopy Kennel was extremely high quality and we would strongly recommend Spur Creative.

Laura Bassilious - Head of Commercial Development - Goodwood

Prop process images

  1. Snoopy sculpture on his house working out where his ears should be positioned.
  2. A polystyrene sculpted Snoopy for Goodwood's Goodwoof event.
  3. Painting the detail on our giant Snoopy for Goodwood's Goodwoof event.
  4. Painting black lines on a Snoopy house prop.
  5. A giant Snoopy house prop being lifted into position at Goodwood for their first ever Goodwoof event.
  6. A giant Snoopy on his house at Goodwood'd Goodwoof event.

The Process

Goodwood contacted us with what they thought was an impossible task. They had just a few weeks to make a 4.5 metre high Snoopy lying, in his iconic pose, on top of his house. We had other projects running but just couldn't resist taking it on, so we said yes. Because Snoopy's image is highly guarded by the comic strip Peanuts, we had to liaise with them at every level, ensuring that Charles M. Schulz's iconic character, Snoopy, met all their very stringent criteria; every angle of the house and every tiny nuance in Snoopy's appearance had to be passed by Peanuts before we could continue, which made the task difficult, given the short lead time we had, but we rise to these types of challenges on a daily basis. 

We made a metal frame for the house and clad with moisture resistant MDF, which we protected with a solution prior to painting. As the event, Goodwoof, is only a 2 day event and as we will be storing Snoopy's house until next year, we made the decision to use MDF to speed up the process. We sculpted Snoopy in polystyrene and hard-coated him with fibreglass, then sprayed him white and hand painted the detail before finally finishing him with exterior grade lacquer. 

We made the house to come apart so that we can store it for Goodwood's Goodwoof event next year but we decided to deliver it ready made. On site the house was lifted by a telehandler and positioned in place with Snoopy then being placed on top and bolted in.


Project Image

A giant Snoopy prop lying on top of his house for Goodwood's Goodwoof event May 2022

The Result

Goodwood loved Snoopy and were happy that we made him on time for an early morning delivery on the day before the events opening. Peanuts were also happy and signed off the build throughout the process.