Stagecraft Visual Giant Pimm's Glass Prop

Giant Pimm's Glass Prop

The brief

We were asked by Stagecraft to make a 3 metre high giant glass prop. This giant prop will be used for a post pandemic Pimm's promotion for their new drink, Sundowner.

I must say it was a pleasure working with Spur Creative. The photographic updates were very reassuring when working to a tight deadline…Look forward to the next one.

 Barrie Fletcher – Director, Stagecraft Visual Communications Ltd

Prop process images

  1. giant pimms glass sculpted in polystyrene
  2. Giant Pimm's glass fibreglass mould
  3. Sanding a giant pimm's glass prop in the workshop.
  4. Priming a giant pimm's glass prop.

The Process

We sculpted the glass in polystyrene and then made a mould from this. We then cast in fibreglass and strengthened the stem with metal. The client wanted the glass ready for them to add printed vinyl to finish the look so we spent hours sanding and finishing the glass to get a nice crisp finish before finally priming it.

Project Image

Giant pimm's glass prop in the background at an event on the river thames.

The Result

Our client loved the giant glass prop commenting that it was a work of art, and we were happy that thousands of tourists will get to see the prop on deck of the Tattershall Castle boat on the River Thames.