Strata Create Citroen Logo

Citroen Logo

The brief

This 3-D giant prop of Citroens famous chevrons was used as a marketing prop. As with most of the projects we work on, we had very little time to turn this around, however, as Spur Creative has been running for 15 years, we've picked up a few tricks along the way. 

We were absolutely thrilled with the end result of the chevrons. 

Chloe Brown - Strata Create

Prop process images

  1. A fibreglass logo for Citroen
  2. Making the formers that will be used to hot wire a polystyrene citroen logo.
  3. A polystyrene sculpted Citroen logo prior to moulding.
  4. Sansing a cast fibreglass Citroen logo.

The Process

We visualised the logo in a 3-D render for the client to sign off and then we made one chevron in polystyrene and fitted metal bars inside this ready to mould; fitting the metal bars at this stage meant that when we came to cast two out from the mould we would have an exact location to allow clear acrylic rods to hold the two chevrons apart, giving the illusion that one is floating above the other. Once out of the mould, the sanding and filling began and then the final paint in our dedicated sprayroom.

Project Image

A Citroen logo made in fibreglass

The Result

The finished logo looked great and our client loved it.