Bright Leaf Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Balls

The brief

Brightleaf asked us to make 5 giant props of a well known chocolate. These were to be placed in retail stores as part of a new window scheme.

These are incredible, lots of amazing sounds from us here in the office. Thanks so much. Can't wait to have them tomorrow.

Jon Watson – Senior Creative Manager Brighleaf VM

Prop process images

  1. Sculpting a clay chocolate ball with chocolate drip ready to be mouldd.
  2. Moulding
  3. sanding
  4. painting

The Process

We sculpted the caramel ball in polystyrene and then sculpted the chocolate and chocolate pour in clay. From this we took a mould and cast in fibreglass. They were then painted and lacquered, the chocolate being slightly glossier than the caramel to give that rich, luxurious quality. 

Project Image

Fibreglass chocolate ball props displayed in a shop window.

The Result

As is always the case, we had a short lead time to produce these, but we managed to create exactly what our client wanted, and they loved them.