Amy Johnson Festival A Moth For Amy Props

A Moth For Amy Props

The brief

We were asked to mould and cast 40 moths designed and sculpted by sculptor Saffron Waghorn. A previous company had been asked to do this but they weren’t able to complete the job so we jumped in to help.

Pleasure to deal with and our bespoke fibreglass moths were delivered on time and to exact specifications. I would highly recommend Spur Creative for any bespoke fibreglass props.

Clare Huby – A Moth for Amy Project Manager – The Amy Johnson Festival Limited

Prop process images

  1. Fibreglass props of 40 moths primed stacked together.
  2. Fibreglass prop of moth in blue and yellow map hanging on a brick wall.
  3. Giant fibreglass moth with artwork on its back hanging on a concrete post.
  4. Fibreglass moth prop with vintage pilot painted on with dark blue and yellow colours.

The Process

We made 2-part moulds, as the sculpt was a fairly simple design, and cast 40 in fibreglass. It was our job to prime them white ready for artists to paint them, who each designed their own version to commemorate the life of Amy Johnsons’ solo flight on a De Havilland Gipsy Moth to Australia. Once completed, the moths were delivered to Hull and dotted around the city, some high up on the sides of buildings, so each moth had been cast with large bolts coming from their underside so that they could be securely bolted into position.

Project Image

Fibreglass prop of moth in blue and yellow map hanging on a brick wall.

The Result

The client loved them and many can still be seen in and around the city of Hull.