Soft Props

Our soft props can be used as the centre piece for a project or it can complement an existing set-piece, showcase or retail display.  Soft props are tactile and can be a great sensual experience when they are in close contact with the general public. They are lightweight, easy to store and can add a sense of realism especially when they’re life size.

To create soft props we use foam, polyurethane, self-skinning foam, high density foam, fabric and fur.  Our soft prop materials are often used as a cover for a metal or wooden framework. A soft prop can be made from a rigid centre with fabric and foam covering it. They can be cast in a polyurethane 2-part foam from a mould foam that can be sculpted and heat shaped to form the prop. 

Our soft props are used for display, promotional purposes, theatrical stage props, product promotion, retail displays and film promotions.


Examples of Previous Work

  • We sculpted a squirrel in polystyrene which was then covered with fibreglass for added strength. We completed this with a design pattern to give the squirrel fur and a set of dungarees, which were used to display a box of branded chocolate for a point of sale promotion.
  • A soft prop cake for a Harrods window display.
  • A Trilby hat which was a giant scale model of a real version for a display in a nightclub.
  • Prop flowers, made from silk and paper for use in window displays.
  • Fluffy dice used for a display in the newly opened Westfield shopping centre.
  • Tartan fabric covered boxes for a Ralph Lauren seasonal display.
  • A giant foam baguette for the Armstrong and Miller live UK tour.

If you’d like to find out more about the soft props we have made and what we can do for you contact us today on 01892 890608.