Scenic Painting and Paint Effects

Scenic painting and paint effects are a great finish to a prop display as it creates that extra layer of realism.

A scenic paint effect is also a great substitute when the real material is proving too expensive (e.g. marble) or the logistics may seem too complex. Here at Spur, we are able to recreate any effect whether it be marble, wood grain, concrete, metal, old mossy brickwork or high gloss finishes.

How we work 

Our paint effects can always be relied upon to create a sense of realism. We have created 5 metre high trees for Glyndebourne and the National Theatre and concrete blocks for a Next retail display.

Custom Paint Effects

We have a full stock of every paint imaginable. Whether you need water based acrylic paints, cellulose paints or two pack polyurethane paints, we’ll have it. 

 The type of paint we use will depend on the type of prop. We have a small 30 foot x 12 foot paint frame that enables us to paint cloths and also a spray booth with a pressurised cellulose paint spray system and refrigerated drier. The spray booth is great for all high gloss and high quality precision paint finishes.

Concrete Effects

We specialise in concrete effects which means we are often asked by retailers to make bespoke concrete plinths, walls and blocks.  The industrial look of concrete can enhance a window display but the real thing is weighty, expensive and not at all practical. Our lightweight versions are perfect for these settings and they’re also more cost effective. 

We use paint effects to make faux bricks, concrete walls, plinths and urns that look old and decayed.  We can also make a fibreglass sculpture that looks like real bronze and add a patina for that sense of realism.

Paint effects are a good way to make a common garden sheet of MDF look like a slab of marble, slate roof, wall or mossy bricks. 

Anything that is seen in nature can be replicated with paint effects. We have created bronze horses for permanent display across many European Ralph Lauren stores and giant sculpted head and feet for Aida Opera Royal Albert Hall that looked like real aged decaying monuments.


Chrome Effect

We have recently developed a paint effect that mimics a mid tone silver and eliminates some of the volatility of using real chromes.

We used our new chroming method to create two 7 foot high model ducks to be used for a cruise liner. Our new chroming “effect” (as opposed to using real chrome) meant that the props were able to withstand changing temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

If you’d like to find out more about our special paint effects then call us today on 01892 890608.