Polystyrene Carving

Polystyrene forms the cornerstone of our prop making work. Polystyrene carving is ideal for the sculpting and manufacture of large-scale props. One of the materials most suited to large scale prop displays is polystyrene. Our polystyrene carving gives us the chance to produce stunning props that can create a striking first impression when used as part of a retail or event display.

How We Make Our Polystyrene Props 

Our prop makers use high density polystyrene and typically sculpt by hand; this gives the client more scope for alterations and changes throughout the overall process.

Since polystyrene is a more delicate material, we apply a hard coat to improve its durability. We do this for two reasons:

  • To improve the overall durability of the prop.
  • To give it the necessary protection, prior to any painting effects which may be required, be it marble, wood grain or concrete.

Polystyrene carving is especially popular for theatre props and retail display due to its lightweight properties and our prop makers will be happy to discuss ideas with you and help to create props from a basic concept, or your own finalised 3D Auto Cad drawings. Polystyrene props offer a range of benefits, chiefly that they are easy to carry and easily transportable.

Examples of our Polystyrene Props Include:

  • A life size Trafalgar Square lion on a plinth for an event
  • An 8 foot high Nelson’s column
  • Giant mushrooms for Lapland UK
  • Two 8 foot high sculptures of cartoon characters used to promote the movie premiere of Cartoon Network’s Ben 10
  • Giant tap for The Boat Show