Paint Spraying

The great bulk of the paint spraying work at Spur Creative is done in our in-house paint spraying booth, since our finished products are often used at high-profile events such as The Boat Show, London, E3 Games Expo, Los Angeles and Ralph Lauren stores worldwide, they are, as such often placed under close scrutiny.

Our Paint Spraying Systems

We can spray with cellulose paint and cellulose lacquer, 2-part polyurethane paint and 2-part polyurethane lacquers, water-based acrylic paint, emulsion paint, water-based enamel paint and water-based varnishes.

We like to paint with water based paints whenever we can, because of their low environmental impact. Our spray room is also set up so that we can work with cellulose paints, which we use to achieve a truly high end finish.

Our pressurised cellulose paint spray system has a refrigerated drier to eliminate any moisture which can adversely affect the finish of cellulose paints, and we use anti-blooming thinners to ensure our cellulose paints do not blush or bloom in the face of moisture and cold temperatures.

Our team are used to working to tight deadlines and our tried and tested techniques have been developed over many years.

We have had our props installed on cruise ships, in retail outlets and shops worldwide, indoors and outdoors. At gaming conventions and trade shows so they are always under close scrutiny hence why our finishes need to be perfect

Examples of our work:

We made and spray painted hundreds of macarons of different sizes which were used as display props for retail outlets across Europe, and were displayed where members of the public came in to close proximity so the spray finish came under close examination

We designed wooden toy versions of a double decker bus, bi-wing plane, duck, elephant, train set and ABC letters, all of which were made for  Ralph Lauren new store openings across Europe. We use a mix of pine, MDF, plastic and resin tin the making of these toys and they are painted white which gives them a really classy, simplistic feel.

In order to achieve this we have to spray a polyester resin on which is then sanded smooth and on to this a filler primer is sprayed prior to sanding and finishing, once more, ready for the final coat of top coat gloss paint. If you require further information about our paint spraying systems call us today on 01892 890608.