Fibreglass Casting

We take great pride in the diversity of our work, but, fibre glass casting is the one method that we get asked to do the most. It’s no wonder it’s so popular. Fibreglass stands the test of time and is lightweight,  durable and the finished results are as diverse as your imagination. We’ve created everything from electric sheep, giant rock faces and  beautifully glossed props. 


Our Fibreglass Casting

We have sculpted and cast many fibreglass casting props but to name a few; a giant seed packet for the Chia Company; flamingos for Dubai International Airport, an over sized Gummi Bear for Harrod’s,  a giant Oreo biscuits for Nestle, a giant tap that was suspended in mid air with water coming out of the spout for The Boat Show and over 800 ice blocks for a new Braun promotion.

We like to sculpt and cast not only for the great finish ,but, if you require more than one of any prop,  casting is usually the best option for creating multiple identical props. Fibreglass isn’t as expensive as other inferior products which makes it a good choice for retail display props, marketing point of sale props or brand awareness campaign props. We have also created them for zoos, museums and theatres.