Our Services

Here at Spur Creative we have a multi talented team that means we can create just about any prop you want. Our range of skills has enabled us to create our props that are out of this world.

The services that you require will depend on the prop you’d like us to create. Here is a list of our prop making services that we offer:

Polystyrene Carving

Polystyrene is perfect for sculpting props as it’s versatile, cost-effective, lightweights and recyclable. Polystyrene props can be of any size, no matter how big or small. It’s a popular option as it often takes less time to create and this time effective method saves you money off the bill. It’s also easy to move around and transport due to its weight and this makes it perfect for events.

Fibreglass Props

Fibreglass props are durable and lightweight which makes them perfect for large scale props. Fibreglass is placed over a mould which mend we can create multiple fibre glass props from the same mould. They’re perfect id you’re looking for multiple props that are identical. 

belle at E3 2017

Soft Props

Soft props are crafted from a metal or wooden frame and covered with foam, fabric, fur or polyurethane. This means that they are still structured and can withhold their appearance.

Metal Fabrication & Metal Sculptures

Metal fabrication is often the starting point for most of our props. It’s strong & lightweight which makes it the perfect core. We also love to make metal sculptures through manipulating the metal into the sculpture that you envision.

Giant Props

Our giant props are usually made from polystyrene so that they are lightweight. They are then coated to ensure they have a hard exterior that is durable. We make sure that our giant props are easily assembled and disassembled. Our attention to detail ensures the joints are not seen by the naked eye. 

Fibreglass Casting

Fibreglass is durable and lightweight, perfect for an exhibition or retail display. Fibreglass casting is usually chosen when you’re looking for a giant or oversized prop or replica. The casting process gives us a solid foundation to then apply the fibreglass details. 

Scenic Painting and Paint Effect

Finishing off your prop with paint effects can really take it to a new level of realism. We can recreate just about any effect that you’re looking for. We can create the effect of marble, wood, steel, concrete, brick and much more.

Paint Spraying

Paint spraying is perfect for instances where the prop will be under close scrutiny. We paint with water based paints because of their low environmental impact. We will then apply a final coat of gloss paint to ensure your prop reflects its quality. 

Prop Making

It’s what we do best! Our props have been used in retail, movies, exhibitions, trade shows and theatre. They’re great at provoking emotions and grabbing attention. No prop is ever the same and we love that we can create something completely unique for you.

prop making seagulls

Experiential Retail Schemes

Experiential marketing has taken the retail industry by storm. People want more than to just buy, they want an experience. Our props encourage engagement between your business, product and consumers.  

Stage & Display Props

We’re experienced in creating props for a number of high profile theatre and arts organisations. Some of these include The National Theatre, Glyndebourne and the Donmar Warehouse.

Film & Game Props

We’ve created amazing props for a number of high profile film and film promotion companies. Our portfolio of film props are well known nationally for their realism and detail.