Things to Think About When Preparing a Scenic Drop

Painted background with silhouette figure with arms out.

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Before you even start to plan your scenic drop, you will need to assess whether you have a realistic chance of completing it. As with many things in life, time, space and money will be your main limitations, so you need to carefully assess each one before you say yes.


Painting a scenic drop isn’t a one day process. You will not only need time to prepare for the creation of the drop, but you’ll need plenty of time to create it. Far from being a one day process, you will need enough time to paint, time for the paint to dry and time to add another coat of paint. A small drop could be completed in two days at a push, but you definitely won’t be able to paint something 45’X20’ in a day or two. If you’re painting outside, you’ll have to factor in difficulty painting after dark and bad weather conditions potentially adding to the amount of time you need.


Drops are seriously huge pieces of artwork, so you’ll need to find somewhere with adequate space to paint in. The majority of apartments, houses and roofs won’t give you the space you need to paint a drop, so you’ll need to find somewhere where you can lay the drop out on the floor or hang it on a frame


Money is often an issue with people wanting everything for as little money as possible. When you quote a price, make sure you’ve run a thorough estimate for everything you need. This includes buying the fabric, staples, paintbrushes, rollers, chalk, pencils, mixing buckets, paint trays, drop cloths, paint trays, other expenses you may need, and most importantly, paint itself. The bigger surface you’re painting, the more paint you’ll need, especially if the drop requires a multitude of colours. You may want to hire more people to help you out if it’s an especially big drop.

At Spur Creative, we understand all the factors needed to create a drop, from the initial concept to the final stage of painting. Whether you want a complex scene or paint effects, our expert team are at hand to take on the concept whilst you focus on other aspects of your production.

We stock every type of paint possible and know which is going to work the best for every type of scenic drop. Our range of frames allows us to paint drops of the size you need, and we have a dedicated spray booth with a pressurised cellular paint system and a refrigerated drier, especially for high gloss, high quality precision paint finishes.

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