Our Top Visual Merchandising Tips

Retail window display with a diner theme in red black and white.

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The world of retail is a tough one. You have a whole lot of competition. To be a success, you need to think sales, sales, sales. That includes sales per square footage. This effectively means that your best salesman is the store itself, but you’ll be surprised at how many businesses ignore this fact.

To achieve maximum results you need to turn your showroom into your best sales weapon.

Here are our top visual merchandising tips.

Know your audience

The first step towards getting your sales floor right is to completely understand your target audience. To create merchandising displays that work, you need to know what your audience like. We aren’t talking about surface-level stuff here either. You need to know detailed demographic stuff. Things like their age, their income, their education, their lifestyles – knowing this info will help!

Appeal to all five senses

When you’re thinking of visual merchandising, it’s easy to only concentrate on one sense – sight. But people have five senses, and they use all of them to assess situations and make decisions.

This is called sensory branding and appeals to customer’s sight, hearing, touch, and smell.

Help people imagine

Customers want to be able to imagine what your product will look or feel like in their home, or in their possession, so help them imagine. You’ll notice in furniture stores, the sales floor is set up with displays that show homeowners how they could use the product. That’s because it sells products.

Use light to your advantage

To attract customers towards your displays, put light to use. You can experiment with light in a number of different ways. You can light the products up, you can introduce natural light through windows, or you can bring some lamps in.

Just don’t underestimate how useful light can be.

Retail displays

At Spur Creative we have a wide range of experience working directly for companies helping create outstanding retail displays. Their importance in visual merchandising is unparalleled, so make sure you have the best person helping you create something eye-catching.

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