Our Guide to Creating a Great Retail Display

Large retail display with a beach side theme.

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If you’re looking to sell products quick, or show off new merchandise, you need a great retail display. But creating a display that exhibits your products well can be tricky, and many businesses create cluttered displays that hinder rather than help.

So, to ensure that you get it right, we’ve put together a quick guide on creating a killer retail display.

Know your purpose

To create a really good retail display, you need to clarify the purpose of that display. It must be a unified message, not a cluster of ideas. Are you trying to announce that you have a new brand in store? Do you want to let customers know you have a sale on? Or are you trying to create a display to tie into an upcoming holiday?

Figure out the purpose, and then work from there.

Think 3-D

If your display is in the centre of your store remember that it’s going to be seen from all angles. So don’t put the focus on one part of it. You should angle mannequins, display props, and signs in such a way that a passerby can instantly understand its purpose, no matter what angle they’re coming from.

Mix product and retail display props

Retail display props help customers visualise how a product will look or be used and are often a great help when selling. So make sure that you mix props into your display alongside your product. For example, if you sell camping gear, you may want to create a display that shows a camping scenario, for which you’ll need good display props.

Here at Spur Creative, we can help create retail display props and offer ideas on your display. Contact us today to find out more.

Light it up

Don’t put your trust in the store’s overhead lights. They aren’t always particularly flattering when it comes to displays, so consider purchasing or hiring other lights that can cast colour, or create an atmosphere for your display.

Think outside the box

Go into competitor stores and look at what they’ve done. Chances are, they’ve stuck to the rules and created conventional retail displays. Sure, they work, but they don’t garner a tonne of interest. Most of the time, customers just stroll past them.

So try and think different. How can you make your retail display stand out? What can you do to grab the attention of passersby?

Don’t be afraid to try new things!