Lots of Bamboo Poles for a Major Movie

Lots of green bamboo poles stacked together.

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October 2020 and we were asked by Greens-Team if we could paint almost 200 6-metre-length real bamboo poles for an upcoming movie. We can’t disclose which one just yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing it and the star-studded cast, and not just because we want to see our bamboo poles in action.

We love making film props and bringing stories alive. We had a particularly busy October and November with four large projects all running at the same time and so our workshop was at its full capacity. But we know how to deal with lots going on and have become masters at logistics. At 6 metres long, the bamboo took up quite a large amount of floor space. Film props need to look realistic on screen. Therefore, each pole was hand-painted and sprayed to look like uncut, growing bamboo. They will be dressed in the film studio by Greens-Team as part of a jungle scene. We’ll post pics of them on-site when the movie comes out, keep an eye open for them.


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  1. Just a few of the bamboo poles spread out ready for varnish.
  2. Lots of bamboo props stood up after being varnished.